Caroline Halley des Fontaines


Caroline .

I am an artist photographer who always wanted to explore the world and its secrets and legends. I started young at 20 when I first went walking across the Himalayas. 


I have been fullfilled and feel grateful for these long journeys around the world. I took photos all over the planet working with people, their stories and landscapes, always creating a collaboration to claborate the best photograph with them that could relate to their archaic realms. 


In every place there is an hidden world waiting to offer its treasure, and a magic line is connecting everything in between all human beings.


The project "time and silence" took me to filming also, as it was more narrative and alive for me, esspecially as an opportunity to show this long term art work through multi media installations.


"time and silence" has been traveling all over Europe and the United States (New York, Los Angeles) and has been supported by major foundations and art collectors.



Artistic director on a feature film about Mr Giori’s life. 2015/2016

Giori films production - Luxembourg




Conception and realization of an art project (photos/videos/drawing) project on the inner experience of colors




Filming project “The dark” documentary fiction for theatre on the last pelgrimage of Joan Halifax in Tibet.

Mangusta production New York USA



Photo and video project on the meaning of life – “urban zen temple” exhibition project in New York 2011

Conception and realization of independent films, videos, interviews.


2007- 2008

Photographic and video work “Babel” (the bounders of knowledge)

Photographic and film project on legends:

*legend of the sacred bird “Mata” (easter island- Chili)

*legend of the white virgin (Lalibela- Ethiopia)

Book projects with the editions Teneues (German) and editions La Martiniere (french)




 Realization of the photographic project « Time and  silence »

Shooting in India (women jail Jaipur), Tibet-Nepal-India (exile paths), Afghanistan

  (The hazarah from bamyan), Cambodge (siem reap), Kenya (vanishing tribes of samburu), Sri Lanka (slavery and tea plantations), Ethiopia (the keepers of the temples of lalibela), Egypte (touaregs’s memory)


Sponsors : Fuji, Leica, Labo Dupon, Kodak (sponsor for young talents), Foundation Bianimale NewYork. Voyageurs du Monde, Tiare group, Tibetan foundation Switzerland/ Spain/ USA, Accor  Group; Air France…



Exhibitions :


- 2014:  Solo Exhibition Q206 Gallery  Berlin Germany



- 2014 : Solo Exhibition “Voyages aux centres de la terre” (journeys to the centers of the earth)

Hotel de sauroy Paris- Curator Me Laura serani


- 2011: Solo Exhibition Urban Zen temple Project – Urban Zen studio – multi media installation - New York – Dona Karan Studio Soho


- 2009: Solo exhibition – Historical library of Clamar- Paris/France


- 2008 March: Exhibition at Camera Work Gallery- Berlin- “Time and silence”


- 2007 : Represented by Camera Work Art Gallery- Berlin - Germany

Photo London, Paris photo, Miami photo art fares


- May 2007 :  Exhibition Stephan Weiss Art space (Dona Karan Art space)

“Urban zen temple”- Installation photo/video


- 2007 Represented by Camera Work Gallery (Berlin- Hambourg- International)


-2006 Nov- Jan 2007: House of the photography - Lille - Frane

Exhibition “Indianscope” – Lille 3000

Installation Video and photography


- 2006 Sept : Exhibition– Stephan weiss studio New York (Dona Karan Art space)


- 2006 May june : Exhibition (solo) “The exil path”

 Tiare exhibition space- Paris


- 2006 Jan Art Gallery Rabouan Moussion- Paris 

Exhibition (solo )“Time and silence”


- 2003 May- June : Lugano Switzerland

Exhibition (solo) “the exile path”

Extract from  « Time and silence»


- 2003 Janv : Los angeles Photo fare - On the path gallery


-2003 Janv: Solo exhibition - Gallery On the path Santa Monica/Los angeles California


- Month of photography Paris 2002 - 16 no/14 janv

Iris Gallery - "Regards rebelles"


- 2001 European Parlment (1st world wide congress against death penalty)

Exhibition (solo) «freedom with no wings » sponsored by Dupon


- 2000 May : EDF exhibition space - the bosniac world