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2016 – 2020

When photography meets meditation

« I wish you could see what I see out the window

the pink and celestial blue emerging to the west,

the full pale moon about to go down in an early morning lavender

… pink and purple in front,

they  become the waves and the sky at the same time,

and a feeling of much space ».

Planche #404 Atlantic ocean
Guethary 2020

Where nature is wide and powerfull, lights are usually very special.

This serie of photographs called "LIGTHSCAPES" or « the inner experience of colors » is a window on lights and colors in the natural world.


With my camera I aim to catch the colors and lights of the ocean or natural landscapes and experiment my unity with nature.


There photography and meditation meet.


Light is the source of life.

A lighscape is the sacred part of a landscape, then each photograph becomes a contemplative window on the poetry and power of nature. 


Planche #33 Atlantic ocean
Bretagne 2017


film by Jérome-cécil Auffret

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