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       My Quest for Light



For years, I traveled the world and sought the meaning of life through the photographic act, an act of light. I crossed oceans, deserts, and mountains to reach the sacred places that have inspired my life and my art work. I set off for ancient temples, staying up all night with their guardians to receive candlelit transmissions of their most intimate prayers. 


With my daughter’s illness, life forced me to change my vision of things, my vision of life and the experience of it. Light, with its infinite shades, gifted me with new creative inspiration.


One morning, dawn streaked itself in rose-tinged powder blues, immersing me in its glow. A surrealist, stunning landscape opened before me. Sky and sea had merged. My entire being was soaked in a supremely gentle vastness. I experienced light in the depths of my being. It was my first experience of being steeped in the color of a landscape.


As I contemplated it, I became the landscape.  


I had become the light I saw, it was everywhere in my body and mind.


Since then, I look for this state of grace in every landscape to compose my photographs. The subtle perception of grace transpires in each of the photographic “contemplative windows” of  "Lightscapes" series.


What I am revealing is my vision of the world in its most intimate and subtle essence, one that touches upon sensitive and vibrational perceptions. More than a vision of our world, or of a particular world, my work is an experience of the world. 


Ocean landscapes conceal another beauty, a universe arising from colors and lights, a “landscaped,” shared essence stripped of any narration or form.  Only light matters, light as the very origin of color and of the landscapes it generates. And thus, I return to the origin of my photographic quest: to experience life…  in its essence, in its vibration, in its truth. 


It is definitely a question of perception and openness.


"... Each burst of lights is made from sacred forms with the 7 rainbow colors. 

This photograph of the reflection of sun lights on sea water

- shot in Mauricius island -

illustrate how beautiful and perfect is a burst of light. I can see there mandalas and colors in every reflection of lights.

In each of my photograph of "Lightscapes" series, colors are made from this beauties of lights, and shine on the one that look at it.


Wether the eyes are close or open the vibrations of the lightscapes are the ones of real colors and lights. ..."


« The closer we get to the sun (light) in spirit,

soul and thought, heart and will, 

the closer we come to higher forces, for one physical plane,  


the sun is the symbol and the tangible

visible representative of the life force" 


For Rudolf Steiner each color is a deep soul experience.


The inner experience depends on how much is present a person to the

qualities and the activities of the color.


That is the only way to know and feel the inner nature of colors.


When he speaks of BLUE he mentions the feeling of wanting to go on the path, of going above the egoistic self and to become macrocosmic with a kind of subtile abnegation.


When he speaks of YELLOW he explains how is the feeling of traveling to the beginning of time, I mean our own life cycle.


And finally when he speaks of GREEN he develops this feeling of being alive in a very strong and deep way.


Colors are portails to the living worlds and also other realms too.



The emanation of the blue colour from the lights capes of the sea is entering my body and mind to create space and feelings of spaceness and truth.


Peter Deneuv

As the tones of a sound ascend in higher octaves, so do the rainbow colors radiate in higher and higher octaves of the colour rays. 

Humans hear several octaves, but at present the eye can see only the colour octave vibrating in the rainbow. 

How ever, there are higher octaves of light which are manifested in realms of finer matter than that of the physical plane. 

In these worlds - astral and causal - the rainbow colours are still seven but differ in vibratory frequency, quality and effect.


The higher the colour octave, the more beautiful and delicate the colors. In the causal world, the colors are finest and blend most harmoniously. They flow into one another most naturally and harmoniously, unnoticeably. 

The great mystics of all times speak of this living rational world of light vibrating in all possible colours, ever finer and more ethereal the higher the realm. They say that in this boundless world of light, the colors are living and they fill man's soul with great power. 

In fact, underlying every color exists an intelligent universal power. Underlying the red is the great cosmic power of Love

Underlying the yellow color is the cosmic power of Wisdom and underlying the blue colour is the cosmic power of Truth.


As the river runs to the sea

And the plant grows to the sun

So do we flow and grow and exist

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