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17th of July 2021 - 20th of March 2022

Contempory Art Museum  ALIEN ART CENTRE, Kaohsiung Taiwan

Photography and video

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Caroline Halley des Fontaines10.jpeg
Caroline Halley des Fontaines12.jpeg
Caroline Halley des Fontaines4.jpeg
Caroline Halley des Fontaines2.jpeg
Caroline Halley des Fontaines7.jpeg
Caroline Halley des Fontaines8.jpeg
Caroline Halley des Fontaines1.jpeg

Where is the color

is the light

it can be the bliss of a rainbow

or a fire rising in the sky

above the experience of colors

is the search of the absolute

my eye draws the landscapes

within the lines of the horizon

i immerge my self in the tonalities

to create a poetic space

feeling inside the spirit

we are one

my regards to lights and nature

they are the spectacle of the living

with mysteries always appealing

far above the ordinary scene.


Solo show photography

A cura of Nicole Mathysen Gerst

Friday 15th of february to 30th of march 2019

Galery Valentina Bonomo

Roma Italy

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